Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Finally new outfit again

Hi and sorry that I didn´t post so much the last time. ^^;

I hope you all had great christmas days
and looots of wonderful presents. <3
I was very busy, lot´s of work and me and my husband
surched a new flat and so on.
But we found now one in Eppelheim (near Heidelberg).
I´m so happy about this. ^^
And from next week on I have holidays for two weeks. Yeah! ^___^

For some days we´ve planed a trip to Venice. ^^
We will stay in a pretty hotel to relax a little bit.
Me and my husband, we were so stressed the last time,
that we really need some days for only relaxing and think about other stuff.
This is the hotel we´ll stay:

This are pictures from the webside,
but I will take pictures of myself then too. 

But I wanted to post about japanese fashion, so here are pictures
of one of my latest outfits ^_~ :

The top and the west I bought in Japan  2 years ago.
I wanna go to Japan again so much to buy new stuff. ><
Especially lower lashes. I really need some but
didn´t ordered some yet. Because I know, that they
aren´t so expensive like in the online shps and the
shipping is expensive too... I should stop whining and just buy some. XD

Here is my make up:

And I didn´t really do something with my hair again. ^^;
But I will take care about my hair too again.

And here I tried a photo trick. The face should look thinner and prettier
and I think it works. ^^ But yeah, my hair. XD

And I finally ordered my coffee machine
but the package didn´t arrived yet. T-T

But I get a package from Japan with a cute christmas card
and lots of sweets. I love japanese sweets but now
it will take more longer too reach my dream weight.
I´m adicted to sweets. ^^;

I have so many more to post, but I will split this all
in more posts, not in only one really big one.

So, more later.
Bye, and c.u. ^^y

Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

A short TV Show post

Hi gals! ^^

Because I can´t make an outfit post yet
and I think, this show is so funny I want to
share this video with you.
I know, I wanted to post a fashion contest video
but I didn´t find it yet and this video is so funny, I laughed so much. XD

It´s kind of a game show.
There are 3 groups:

1. Group: Women with caracteristic faces
and style, not the cute model girls, but I think still sweet.

2. Group: Women but born as men and changed or
want to change into women (transgender).

3. Men who are men, but styled as women.

And foreign guys should choose, which group
has the prettier women and they don´t know that there are men too.

It´s so funny, even you don´t understand so much japanese.
Here you find it (sorry, only link, because
it isn´t a video from Youtube):

视频: ロンドンハーツ - 11.12.06「見た目ビューティーカップ」

If you are interested you should watch it, it´s very funny. XD

Bye, and next time I will write about my new nails.
I want new nails and hope I get them soon. ^^

SugaryChu ^^y

Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

This weekend I had a cold and I was lazy ;-P

Hello! ^^

This time I have no Outfit to post because I wasn´t in the mood for
doing all the make up and so on. I had a cold and even with
make up, I think, I looked more scary than pretty. XD

But I wanted to try to post every week so I thought
about what I can write here.

And I thought I´ll post some older pictures of me.
I love Lolita too, but I feel more growing too old for
the extrem cute Sweet Lolita stuff and I didn´t have
Classic Lolita outfits yet and for the daily outfits I love
to experiment with Gyaru fashion. I love this fashion
and practice to find my own style. ^^

So, I decided to post some pics of me and some other Outfits
which have nothing to do with Gyaru.

First Lolita:

And here are a picture of me and my friends.
We traveled together arround in Japan and
Mizuki, the girl on the left side, showed us a place
in Kyôto where we could rent Kimonos for one day.
There was a festival this time, so we weren´t the only persons with Kimonos.
I´m looking so tall in this picture, but I´m 1,64 m. XD
I love Kimonos, even I wasn´t sure if it would suit me.
But lot´s of people took pictures with us on this day.
It was a great expirience. ^^
So if you travel to Japan, you have to try this out too.

And here I tryed on a german Dirndl. XD
I want one so much, but I wouldn´t wear it, I think.

Oh, and I love to watch japanese TV Shows with my husband.
Sadly I don´t understand everything, but if I understand some stuff,
I´m so proud of myself. XD But this is mostly very easy stuff,
everyone can understand, if she/he knows the basics of the japanese language.
I´m so bad to learn different languages. Even english is hard for me.
And I forget words in my own native language too. XD

But I wanted to talk about japanese TV Shows.
Not Dorama, don´t get me wrong. I like Doramas too,
but I prefer the TV Shows. XD

If I find the Show, in which female TV Stars and Models
made a fashion contest, I will post this too.
But I forget the name of this show and have to ask my husband. ^^;

In this video, you see Suzanne. She is a japanese
TV Star and Model and I like her. ^^ My husband said
that I look like her. But I don´t think so. XD
I like her style, her nails and how she acts.
But I have still a looong way to go till I look a little bit
as good as she do. Very long way...

So, before it gets too long, I say bye here. ^^

And as a bonus, here a japanese commercial with Suzanne.
Because I love japanese commercials too.  I´m crazy. XDD

See you! ^^y

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

My husbands birthday ^^

Hello everyone! ^^y

Today is my husbands birthday.
So we celebrate this together.
First we went to the night club Rude7 on saturday.
They had live acts (J Boog was on stage this day) and DJs who playing
Dancehall and Reggea. My honey loves Dancehall music
so this was perfect for him to celebrate into his birthday.
We had lot´s of fun. XD

In the morning I finished the birthday cake,
which I baked the day before.
My beloved likes strawberrys and loves cream,
so a japanese christmas cake was perfect. ^^
But it was hard to find strawberrys here, because
in winter the super markets don´t get them so easy.

Here is the picture of his birthday cake I made:

It´s so delicious. ^^ <3
I´m so proud of myself. XD

Here is the recipe, if you are interested
to bake this cake too. It´s by cookingwithdog
from youtube. I love her channel and cooked
some stuff like her and it´s always sooo delicious. ^__^ <3

My other present for him was a new coat from Japan.
It suits him so well, he looks so カッコイイ (cool) in it. ^///^
But sorry, I don´t have a picture yet.
After we have eaten some cake we relaxed more,
because we were still so tired from clubbing. XD

But before it was to borring and because we get hungry we went to the
japanese Izakaya Restaurant Mangetsu in Frankfurt.
My husband could order what he wanted and
we shared then everything. We ate a lot.
It was sooo delicious (today everything was delicious XD).
Sadly, I didn´t took pictures of our food too, because
I forget to take photos. I foget that very easy, I´m sorry. ^^;

But here is my outfit from today:

I love this sweater ;-P

That was it from today.
Have a nice time and thanks for reading. ^^y

Bye, Mi-Chan

Bonus: Advent, Advent ein Lichtlein brennt.
Erst eins, dann zwei...

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Shopping Centre and Bubble Tea

Hi everyone! ^^

Yesterday I went to the shopping centre with my husband.
The name of this centre is Loop5 and I love to go shopping there.
And drinking bubble tea. ^^

We love bubble tea, it´s sooo delicious! ^___^
And the top of the cups are so cute too. <3
After drinking bubble tea and look in some clothes shops
we went to consumer electronics shop and I looked for a
coffee machine. I want to buy one by Dolce Gusto.
I had the chance to try Latte Macchiato made with this coffee machine.
And it´s delicious. ^^ I really want to buy this machine after christmas.

And here is my outfit and make up from that day.

 I didn´t do anything with my hair, I was lazy this day, sorry. ^^;
But I already took long for the make up and my husband wanted to go. XD
And I don´t have lower lashes yet. I want so much a pair, but didn´t find a cheap
and pretty one. So I have to wait till I have enough money to order a pair.
Because we want to move in a new flat, I have to save up money.

Today we went to a christmas market, but I didn´t took pictures there.
 And I didn´t wear a special outfit and just daily make up.

But next week I will go with my husband in an Izakaya Restaurant
to celebrate his birthday. I can´t wait to go out with him to that restaurant. ^^
And there I will take pictures again, that I can post them here.

See you soon and thanks for reading. ^^y

Bye bye

Bonus pic of me, try to make an outfit picture
but my husband wanted to be in that picture too. XD

Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Big Post

I´m so sorry, but I didn´t had so much time the last days.
But I have lots of things I can tell, so this time, it will be a bigger post than usual. XD

First I went to the circle meet up of our galcir Rokku Star.
It was so much fun to meet the nice girls and the nice guy.
I´m happy, that we are a galcir with a cool and nice punk gyaru-o
and for sure with super cute, beautiful and kind girls. ^^

Here are the puricuras we took:
I love puris and I´m happy, that we have two machines in Düsseldorf.
Old ones, but better than nothing. ^_~

More about our meeting you can find here:
First Rokku Star Meet Up

In this post you can see my Outfit, which I wore at Japan Day too.

At the moment, I found so many wonderful clothes which I wanna
buy so much, but I have to wait, because the mirror of my car get broken,
and because its a "High-Tech"-Mirror, I have to pay a lot for a new one.
So no new clothes for this month. T.T *buuhuu*

But I love my car and need the mirror so much.
Here is a picture of me and my both most wanting cars:
Ford Fiesta and Honda Jazz. I love them both and it was so hard to decide,
but I choose Ford Fiesta. And the red one you can see on the picture is really mine. ^^ <3
I´m so happy, because the car I had before always get broken. ><
It was too old and I was too afraid, that I will have an acident with that car,
because it brokes while driving at the highway and so on. ><

Oh, and I have an outfit post this time too ^^
I went with my husband to Frankfurt today,
because some shops and the Mall "My Zeil" opend
on sunday. Normally in Germany the shops are closed
on sunday and I don´t like it, because sundays are sooo borring. -_-
I would work on sunday, that it´s not so borring anymore. XD
And I would get another day off then, monday for example.
What do you think about this?
Should the shops open on sunday too like in Japan?

Oh, and yes, here are my Outfit:
Sorry, for the bad quality, I don´t have a mirror which is
big enough for a good picture. And I wore more accessory,
than in this picture, but I forgot them to wear befor I took it. ^^;

I didn´t do so much make up today. Didn´t wear circle lensen
and fake lashes, so I don´t post a make up picture, but here
you can see my hair style:
This was the first time I tryed this style out. And I´m proud that
it didn´t look bad. I didn´t cut my hair yet
but I hope I can do it as soon as possible, to get more
layers and a better look then I have now.
My unstyled hair looks so borring. XD

And I made my first christmas cookies for this year.
They called chocolate snowballs and they are sooo delicios. ^^
But sadly they melted in the ofen and are not round, as I wanted them.
But these will be not the only cookies I will make. ^^
So, thats it. Not a really big post but for me it is. XD
I wanna go swimming now with my husband.

So, see ya! ^^y

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Happie Nuts, my first Nailart and new Order

Hello! ^^

The last time I didn´t had anything interesting to write, but now I have some news again. XD

I work on my Outfit for the Japan Day in Düsseldorf. ^^
I decided my dress, shoes and accessory. I wanted to buy a new bag
but didn´t find a good one yet which isn´t too expensive. ><
So I will look how I can modify one of my older bags. I have some ideas... but didn´t made it yet.
I will post a picture of the whole outfit later.

Here are my first nailart. It´s not so pretty than other professional nails
but I´m proud of it. XD

Oh, and I bought the new Happie Nuts Magazine. I love the style of this magazine
and I recognize that I love LipService. But this brand is too expensive.
They sell shirts for over 6000 Yen and a bekini costs reduced 8500 Yen,
befor over 13000 Yen. >< But the stuff is so cool, I love it.
That´s why I´m happy to get a cosmetic bag by LipService. <3

And here are some more pictures from insid the magazine:

I love the Jacket on the right with the leo fur. *_* <3

And I ordered new Underwear at a Rakuten Shop. ^^
I like japanese stuff more, than the stuff I get here in my country.
I don´t find anything here what I like for 100% and sometimes its more expensive.
But in Japan it´s the fashion paradies for me. XD I hope I can get the stuff soon.
I wanna change my closet slowly from normal borring stuff,
to cool japanese gyaru fashion. XD
But not too expensive. >< I don´t care if it´s cheap, the important thing is,
that it looks good and fashionable. ^^
Thats why I love Rakuten, you can get stuff which isn´t sooo expensive.

So, now I have still some other stuff to do. I hope, I find time to post
my J-Day Outfit tomorrow or the next week.
I´m so excited! XD

SugaryChu ^^y

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

Casual summer outfit in autumn

Hi! ^^

It´s amazing! We have october and it´s getting so hot again. XD The whole summer in germany was more cold and rainy and now it´s getting autumn and the warm sun comes back. ^^

So today, I didn´t wanted to use my hairextensions.
And I decided to make some cute simple hairstyle for hot days. ^^

And here is my outfit and make up: 

The make up isn´t so "heavy" again, because it was hot
and it was just for the day, and then I don´t like it too dark.

And I use my cameras "make up function" so
you can´t see that I tried to contour my face a little bit. ^^;
It´s especially hard for me with my big nose. If I contouring it
like other Gals do, my nose looks more bigger. ><
I still have to try out other techniques to get a better result.

I wish you all a wonderful time and see you next time. ^^y

Oh, and here are a special funny picture of me. XD

Fuuuwaaaaah!!! XDD

Montag, 26. September 2011

Wanna cut my hair

I´m so happy, I didn´t lost so much weight, but the swimming really worked, because my bodyshape getting better. ^^ So I don´t give up to reach my goal. I eat less then normal, but still everything. Chocolate too ^///^ but only one piece per day, or sometimes two. XD I can´t live without sweets and chocolate and if I would forbid it myself, I would eat one day later much more chocolate. >< So one piece is okay for me and I´m happy. ^^

So, what I wanna do next is cutting my hair. It looks very borring at the moment. And I want a layered haircut like this:

What I found and like is this too:

Then it will be easier for me to stile my hair with extensions and maybe
I can wear my extension and my hair straight without that it will look stupid. XD
My hair is too thick and without curling it, it looks not so good. Happily I love curls. XDD

I like this too:

and this:

If you wanna watch for hairstyles too, here are two websites
in german: Cosmoty
and in japanese:

What hairstyle do you like?


Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Driving arround

Hello there! ^^

I was so happy, that I had the time today to dress up a little bit.
We (me and my husband) wanted to drive arround  and found then a summerfestival in a smal town. We walked there a little bit arround before we went home again. My sweetheart got headache then, the poor man. ><

But later he felt better and we went swimming. ^^ It´s so much fun and a good training for my body. I make every evening before I go to bed some exercises and go twice or more often in the week swimming. I´m still on my way to loose weight but I´m feeling, that it´s slowly going better.
My body look a little bit thinner. ^^

Oh, and here are some pictures of my outfit, hair and make up. Its more casual and after I finished the make up for my eyes, I recognized, that I forget to wear my circle lenses. XD So this time, I went out without them. 

My natural hair got more red now, I think because of the sun. So my extensions haven´t the perfect colour now, but I hope, in winter my hair gets more darker and then the extensions are maching again. XD I don´t wanna dye my hair anymore, because the last time I destroyed them with that. >< They looked so aweful for years. XD

So, at the end, sorry for the bad english or/and typo.

Bye and have a nice time. ^^y

Sonntag, 7. August 2011

I´m back again after my wedding

Weight to loose: still 8 kilos. ><
But I´m still working on it and go swimming again. ^^


So, finally I have enough time again to post a new blog entry. ^^
I had my wedding party in july and I was very busy, because of the organisation and all that.
And after the wedding we showed my husbands family arround in my country,
because they come from overseas.

Now I have time again to post and here I have my outfit and make up for today.
I wanna go with my husband to a "fish festival". Sounds funny, but its great. It´s directly on the river called Rhein and there are carousels and a hounted house, so like an amusement park. ^^ And lots stuff to eat. Fish for sure XD and sausages (german Bratwurst) and sweets. ^^
And in the evening there will be a firework on the river.

Here are my outfit:

My mirror is dirty. >< But sorry, I was too lazy to clean it up before.
Simple outfit which I bought on

And here is my make up and hair. I really have to practice more. ><

And here my nail art. I had to cut my nails and I don´t like fakenails for myself.
But I love to see them on other gals. ^^b

So, I´m still practicing and it doesn´t look as I wanted it. XD But I think, not bad too.

Ah, and the clothes from galstar I weare here are the clothes my husband brought to me. ^^

cu and have a nice fashionable day, pretty gyarus. ^^y