Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Shopping Centre and Bubble Tea

Hi everyone! ^^

Yesterday I went to the shopping centre with my husband.
The name of this centre is Loop5 and I love to go shopping there.
And drinking bubble tea. ^^

We love bubble tea, it´s sooo delicious! ^___^
And the top of the cups are so cute too. <3
After drinking bubble tea and look in some clothes shops
we went to consumer electronics shop and I looked for a
coffee machine. I want to buy one by Dolce Gusto.
I had the chance to try Latte Macchiato made with this coffee machine.
And it´s delicious. ^^ I really want to buy this machine after christmas.

And here is my outfit and make up from that day.

 I didn´t do anything with my hair, I was lazy this day, sorry. ^^;
But I already took long for the make up and my husband wanted to go. XD
And I don´t have lower lashes yet. I want so much a pair, but didn´t find a cheap
and pretty one. So I have to wait till I have enough money to order a pair.
Because we want to move in a new flat, I have to save up money.

Today we went to a christmas market, but I didn´t took pictures there.
 And I didn´t wear a special outfit and just daily make up.

But next week I will go with my husband in an Izakaya Restaurant
to celebrate his birthday. I can´t wait to go out with him to that restaurant. ^^
And there I will take pictures again, that I can post them here.

See you soon and thanks for reading. ^^y

Bye bye

Bonus pic of me, try to make an outfit picture
but my husband wanted to be in that picture too. XD

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