Montag, 26. September 2011

Wanna cut my hair

I´m so happy, I didn´t lost so much weight, but the swimming really worked, because my bodyshape getting better. ^^ So I don´t give up to reach my goal. I eat less then normal, but still everything. Chocolate too ^///^ but only one piece per day, or sometimes two. XD I can´t live without sweets and chocolate and if I would forbid it myself, I would eat one day later much more chocolate. >< So one piece is okay for me and I´m happy. ^^

So, what I wanna do next is cutting my hair. It looks very borring at the moment. And I want a layered haircut like this:

What I found and like is this too:

Then it will be easier for me to stile my hair with extensions and maybe
I can wear my extension and my hair straight without that it will look stupid. XD
My hair is too thick and without curling it, it looks not so good. Happily I love curls. XDD

I like this too:

and this:

If you wanna watch for hairstyles too, here are two websites
in german: Cosmoty
and in japanese:

What hairstyle do you like?



  1. I love the second style! It's kinda special and unique! And it has lots of layers~

  2. Yes, I love the second too because it´s unique and has a wild style. ^^ I really need more layers in my hair, it looks so borring at the moment. XD