Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Venice part 2 - Driving with the boat

Hi and sorry. ^^;

I wanted to post this entry more earlier
but my husband needed our PC to study for
his first sample test. In febuary he
has is final examination and need to
learn a lot. So I couldn´t post as fast as
I wanted to.

But now, finally, part 2 of our Venice trip:

Then we had finally sunshine and it was such a great day. ^^

 On the nex picture I wear my new Jacket.
The size I chosen is too big for me,
but all other smaller sizes were perfect for me
expect that they were all too small on my breasts.
And this looked stupid, so I bought the
bigger size and I can wear a thick sweater
underneath without any problem. ^^

Me at the San Marco Place

Then we made a boat trip to the Island Lido

Lido has a wonderful beach. <3 I love
the sea and missed it so much. I was so
happy to be at the beach again, even it
was too cold to go swimming. But we sit
down a little bit and relaxed.

I have to say, that I didn´t do my make up this day,
because I prefered to sleep longer and relax and
have wonderful days with my husband than be
concentrated the whole day if my make up is still looking good. XD

Then it´s getting later, we went back to the boat
and went with the boat to the island Murano.
While we are on the boat, we watched the
beautiful sunset.

After this wonderful day we went to a restaurant for dinner
and then back to our hotel, because the next day we flew home.

A picture of us in the airplain on our way home.

So, by for now.

The next posts will be more about fashion again.
I have finally lower lashes and want to try them out
this weekend. ^_~

Mi-Chan ^^y

Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Venice part 1 - Walking arround in Venice

Hello and Ciao! ^^

This is my first part of our travel to Venice.
Here some picturese we took on our first day:

Me, little bit tired and without styling, because we walked
around for hours with the luggage to find our hotel. ^^;

And here is our Hotel. No wonder we didn´t find it so easy. XD
The man who is walkng inside is my husband. ^^ <3
 We get lost so often in Venice. On the second
day we give it up to use a map because
even with a map we always got lost. XD

And the Hotel was so hidden too.
Only on the doorbell and on the floor (the mat)
stands the name of the hotel.

But the hotel was great. Here a picture of our room:

After we relaxed a little bit, we went out at
afternoon, when it was dark outside.
It was so pretty, because they still had the
christmas decoration everywhere. ^^ <3

This is the San Marco place and on that tower
they projected snowfalkes which faling down.
It was sooo pretty and romantic.

And after walking arround
we get hungry and went to a delicious restaurant. ^^

Our appetizer. In Italy are pasta like Spaghetti an appetizer.
Our main dish
 After eating we get lost and took
long to find our hotel again, like every day. XD

The next day we walked arround again
in some other areas we weren´t befor.

The Rialto Bridge

It was so foggy this day.

Me, standing on the Rialto Bridge

Our lunch. My husband had three types of pasta.
He loves pasta. ^^

And he bought the Nagatomo soccer jersey.
He loves soccer and the players of the japanese national team. ^^

 So, this was the part 1 of our Venice honeymoon.

Thanks for reading and watch out for
my part 2. Because we had a romantic boat trip
to Lido and Murano and get to the beach
and watched the pretty sunset. ^^ <3

Bye ^^y


Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

I´m back from Venice

Hi and Ciao! ^^

First I wanna thank you girls for
your sweet and kind comments on my last post.
I was so happy when I read them.
Thank you so much. ^__^ <3

I´m back from Venice and it was so wonderful and romantic. *__* <3
And very exhausting. XD Because cars are forbidden in
Venice and the only choices you have are driving
with the boat or walk. And the bridges have all
stair-steps so it was an amazing workout for me. XD
We walked more than 21.000 steps every day. o.O

But more later.
I wanna write this entries the next days:
Venice part 1 - Walking arround in Venice
(I´ll post pictures from Venice we took and
what we ate in the restaurants there)
Venice part 2 - Driving with the boat
(I´ll write about our boat-trip, the beautiful beach and sunset
and what I bought in Venice, because they had sale. ^^)
My plan to loose weight
(I´ll post a japanese "before and after"video
and how they all lost weight and so on and what I wanna do)

So, but now I wanna write about my new nails. ^^
Maybe you remember one of my older posts
where I wrote that I don´t like long nails
on myself. But yeah, I have them now too. XD
And yes, at the beginning they are a little bit annoying
but I think I will get used to it. ^^

Here are my nails:

I wanted them simple first to try it out.
But I think I like it so much that I want
more the next time ^^
I´m so happy that my nail artist knows
the japanese style and have lot´s of
stones, really big ones too.

Oh, and if you have an iphone, ipad or like me an ipod touch
then maybe you are interested in this app:
Nail Art Catalog & Hair Styles
(I wanted to post a video here, in which
 I show the app, but I can´t upload it yet. -_-;)

It´s a japanese app with cute and cool
nail art and hair styles examples.

So, this was it for now. The other posts
are coming soon too. ^^

Have a great time and c.u.
Mi-Chan ^^y

Montag, 2. Januar 2012

New Onee Gyaru Outfit

Aloha! ^^

Today I went with my husband to the shopping mall
and to the hairdresser. And yes, my hair don´t look better. XD
But I needed a new cut that my hair has more layers
and now it´s easier to style it.

Here is my Make Up and Outfit from today:

Only make up. ^_~

With unstyled hair

 Sorry for so many pictures, but I couldn´t decide
which one should I post. XD

My and my husbands shoes collection. ^^;
I really like Onee Gyaru, because I´m 25 years old now,
in few month 26. o.O And I´m merried in february for one year then.
So I really like the more "grown up" style.
Not so cute and pink anymore.
But sometimes  I still feel like I have to wear
something which is more cute. XD

Tomorrow I will get my new nails. Yeah! \^o^/
I´m so happy to get them finally. ^^
And then, the day after tomorrow, we will fly to
Venice. Finally we have our honeymoon. ^^ <3

 Bye, dear readers.
And thanks so much for reading. ^^y

Bonus Pic: My beloved husband in the background. <3

Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

My thoughts about my hair

Happy new year everyone! ^^

I wish that it will be an awesome year 2012 for everyone.

What I wanna talk about now is my hair.
I hate my hair! >< It´s thick and have volume and so on,
so not bad at all, you think maybe. But me
and my husband we both love straight, healthy and shiny hair.
Badly we both don´t have it. XD

And yes, Gyarus have more curled hair
and curles look good in my hair, but
I always wanted very straight hair too.
I really do love japanese straight hair so
I like Gyarus with straight pretty hair very much too. ^^

My hair don´t look like an Afro but
sometimes I think it feels like so. XD
Especially if the air is humid then my hair gets so frizzy.
My hair on the top not so much but the lower hair
and it alwas looks frizzy and not healthy.
Also my ends get very dry and looking aweful.

I have an hair iron, but don´t using it, because
it don´t works, my hair isn´t geting streight with it.
(It´s a cheapier no name iron.) ^^;

In Japan you can get permanent straight hair,
till it grows out for sure. A friend did it and
she had very curly hair. She was so happy about
her pretty straight hair she got. But it was expensive
and in germany, my country, its much more expensive.
For my long hair I think between 250 till 350 Euro. o.O
But if I´m back in Japan again, I wanna try this out. ^^

I love japanese hairdressers. In my country
I didn´t find a good hairdresser yet. My hair always
looked frizzy if a german hairdresser styled it. T-T But when I went to a
hair dresser in Japan, I had the prettiest hair ever.
What is this?  I have 100% european hair. XD

Sorry for the long text, now I show pictures. ^^

I bought this now:

Hair Dryer
Hair Iron

Home Stylist Kit with Shampoo, Treatment and so on

Change frizzy hair into straight and silky hair

So, I wanna try out this stuff.
It´s nothing from Japan, because shipping is expensive
and for these products I didn´t pay shipping. ^^

I will make a review about this stuff, after I get it
and tried it out. I hope it works and my
hair looks healthier and gets more straight.

Oh, and I get my coffe machine and I love it. ^^ <3

More about this and more pictures again the next time.

C.U. and stay happy.
Mi-Chan ^^y