Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Driving arround

Hello there! ^^

I was so happy, that I had the time today to dress up a little bit.
We (me and my husband) wanted to drive arround  and found then a summerfestival in a smal town. We walked there a little bit arround before we went home again. My sweetheart got headache then, the poor man. ><

But later he felt better and we went swimming. ^^ It´s so much fun and a good training for my body. I make every evening before I go to bed some exercises and go twice or more often in the week swimming. I´m still on my way to loose weight but I´m feeling, that it´s slowly going better.
My body look a little bit thinner. ^^

Oh, and here are some pictures of my outfit, hair and make up. Its more casual and after I finished the make up for my eyes, I recognized, that I forget to wear my circle lenses. XD So this time, I went out without them. 

My natural hair got more red now, I think because of the sun. So my extensions haven´t the perfect colour now, but I hope, in winter my hair gets more darker and then the extensions are maching again. XD I don´t wanna dye my hair anymore, because the last time I destroyed them with that. >< They looked so aweful for years. XD

So, at the end, sorry for the bad english or/and typo.

Bye and have a nice time. ^^y

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