Freitag, 31. August 2012

Pa Gal / Part Gal

Hello! ^^

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. :-)
The "Gal Mama" Post has the status "work in progress" right now,
because I have some problems with uploading it
because of one of the pictures.
I never post with my mobile again. Arrgh! -_-;
Oh, and I will comment back, it´s just, I´m so busy,
because we want to move again and because of other stuff
that happend lately.

So, I found this article:

I think it´s very interesting and I heard now the
first time about "Pa Gals" or "Part Gals".
And now I have a word for me and my style, I think. XD

I´m not that super gyaru who wears the whole
outfit and make up every day. I just like to
take some parts of the gyaru fashion and use 
it for me but still love the full gyaru look on other girls.
And I would say about myself, that
I´m a "Half-Gyaru" or correctly "Pa Gal."

I really love Gyaru, but I don´t like the heavy make up on myself.
So this "style" is perfect for me. ^^
Oh, and nobody can say: "Yor are not Gyaruuu!"
Because I´m Pa Gal. XD I don´t have to be
looking 100% Gyaru. ^_~ (This sounds lazy. XD)

Oh, and my normal pants don´t suit me anymore. T_T
But the great thing about it is, that our Baby is growing
because I have a littel Babybelly now. ^^
That makes it hard to look for gal outfits.
But I have some in my head. ^_~

So, stay as you are, do your style and thanks for reading.

Mi-Chan ^^y

Samstag, 11. August 2012

Gal? Mama? Gal Mama?


I'm writing with my mobile and will make the post better, if I can use my PC again. Sorry, for the strange place for the pictures and so on.  I finally had the time to change the post. ^^

So, I promised to post these week about some news.
I didn't post so often because I got so tired and my skin has a break out.
I have pimpels I didn't have for 10 years. Its so damn... And I didn't want
to do my makeup. But all this has a reason.
I'm expecting our first child. ^^
Me and my husband are so excited. ^___^

And I'm so curious how it will look like, because it will be
an eurasien child. I will post one picture from that cute
little human but then I will write about Gyaru related stuff for sure too.

On the babypicture you cant see it so well, because it was constantly moving. :-D In the picture below you only can see the little hand making a fist.

Our little Baby. ^^

And we travel around Germany for few days. The first stop is Düsseldorf. We ate Ramen and walked arround the city. And we meet my friends Lena, Aiji and Shinpei. I write with my mobile now, so if I can use my PC again, I want to post the links to their blogs. They looked so cute and pretty. And totally more Gyaru than me now. I post a picture from my Outfit I wore this day.

Oh, and my husband said, that we Gaijin Gyarus often wear to many makeup. And as he saw a normal, styled, sexy girl, he said she is a Gyaru. XD So, normaly I dont't like to tell this, but my husband is japanese and lived in Tokyo. And he likes Gyarus too and fashionable girls. I just find it very intersting. Are we Gaijin Gyarus take some stuff too serious? Everyone should wear as many makeup as she likes, but I think we should stop bitching about every single little "mistake". We just should have fun with the fashion we love. ;-)

So, I will go to bed now. Tumorrow we will drive to Bremen.

C.U. and thanks for reading. ^^

Freitag, 3. August 2012

Just short


Sorry, that I didn´t commented back so fast and that I didn´t
write anything the last weeks. I wanted
to post a new make up post and something
but I didn´t had the energy to do my make up. ^^;

It has a reason and I want to write about that next week.
Because I told you, I have time now, what is true, but
something wonderful happened and because
of that, I didn´t hab the time as I thought.

But I commented back now and I will write
a big post with picture next week.
Sorry, it isn´t so sure yet, that I can´t say it now,
but you will see it next week.

I promise. ^^


Not my pets, but I think they are so cute. ^^

Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

New lenses, lashes and more from Honey Color

Hi, my dear readers!

My package from Honey Color arrived.
I was so happy. ^^

Here is the stuff I ordered:

Lashes, two pairs of circle lenses, Rohto Lycée Eyedrops
and some lense cases and a lens travel case.
(the travel case and two cases are gifts, thank you Honey Color. ^^)
The shipping was very fast and for free, because I ordered
stuff over 100,- $.

I didn´t tried the lashes yet, because I can´t waer them
at my work and didn´t had enough freetime
to dress up the last days.
But I hope that I can dress up this weekend
and then I can show you pictures of my
Gyaru make up practice again. XD

But I tried out the circle lenses:

Geo  Bambi Chocolate (Princess Mimi) DIA 15

Geo Bambi Sesame Gray (Princess Mimi) DIA 15

And here how it looks like,
if I waer them:

Sorry, that I didn´t do the make up.

But I will take more pictures
with the lenses and with make up. ^^

And I do love the Lycée Eyedrops.
It´s very refreshing and helps, when
my eyes get dry.

Oh, and I got my first smartphone,
a Sony Xperia S.
I love this phone so much. <3
And I have to say, that the most electronic stuff
me and my husband bought and buy are from
japanese brands. I like japanese mobiles and electronics more,
I can´t say why. XD

And I ordered a cover for it.
Leoprint for sure: ^_~

So, see you next time and thanks for reading. ^^


Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

Bought new clothes and ate Ramen with my Husband

Hi! ^^

Since june my husband gets a job again and I can buy
new stuff for me without feeling bad. ^^
Because I think it´s unfair to buy clothes and so on
for myself and my husband has nothing.
But now I can go shoping again. XD

I bought new clothes first.
Here are the pictures:

I want to wear this Outfit with this cardigan I ordered
from Galstar. But I didn´t receive it yet.

Overkneesocks with cute ribbons and a shirt with a cute ribbon too.
On the right sight you see my new contact lenses leo box.
I love this box. ^^ I found it at Accessoirize, I think.
And here is another outfit:

No make up post yet, because my only pair circle lenses
is broke and I lost most of my lashes when we moved
in our new flat. -_-;
But I ordered two new pair of lenses and lashes
from the Honey Colour Online shop. ^^
I can´t wait to receive the lenses and lashes.
Then I will practice more Gyaru Make Up again
and will show the results here for sure.

Oh, and I went with my husband to Frankfurt
to eat japanese Ramen and Gyoza.
It was sooo delicious. I do love Ramen and Gyoza so much. ^^ <3

And I do Karate again. I love Karate and
it helps me to lose weight and to shape my body.
Zumba is very good too, but I don´t have the money
for the fitness center and alone it doesn´t work.
I´m to lazy. XD

But Karate work very well for me.
Maybe I post some workouts. ^_~

So, see you soon and thanks for reading.


Montag, 14. Mai 2012

My plans and unfashionable Otaku Tourists

Hi! ^^

I had no time the last weeks to update my blog. We moved in our new flat near Heidelberg and I had so many stuff to do. I´m still not finished with all yet. ^^;

But, I have lots of stuff to tell and write down. But this I will do, if I have more time again. I think from june then I´ll have more time to update more often.

And I wanna finally begin with my weigh loss journey. XD
I did Zumba for some weeks together with my friend but after me and my husband moved I don´t meet my friend so often anymore. And I´am a very lazy person. XD I can´t do sports alone, because I can´t motivate myself. The same with doing Yoga, alone, in front of the TV. It´s getting too borring
for me. So, I decide to do something different. Something that helped me to loose so much weight that I had only 51 kg (164 cm). I´am a chubby person and I was a chubby child, but when I did Karate when I was a teenanger (I started with 16) I had an awesome body. And I want this body back. ><

But more with pictures later.

And I want to improve my Gyaru Style.
My goal is to be a pretty and fashionable girl who can walk arround Tokyo
without thinking all the time: "Oh my god, I´m such a fashion disaster and everyone can see that I´m a no-fashion-sense-otaku-tourist." XD Not all tourists are unfashionable, don´t get me wrong. But japanese people are very fashionable and here in germany the most people, in comparison to japanese people, aren´t fashionable. Except the few girls and guys who love japanese fashion and other fashion in general too.

Here a true article in german which discribes what I mean:
Warum die Franzosen so schick sind

Typical german tourists XD
Took the picture from:

So, see you in june or maybe earlier with more posts and hopefully more improvment. XD

Mi-Chan ^^y

Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Finally new post and new outfit

Hey and sorry again! ^^;

Me and my husband are moving in our new flat
in two weeks and we are both stressed at the moment.

And I have to work a lot because one of my
co-worker gets sick. But I had a day off today. ^^

And I was shopping with my husband.

I bought new boots and I love them so much. <3
I wanted such boots so much after I saw them
at the Happy Nuts magazine and at Galsatar.

Here a picture of them:

And here a picture from Galstar.
I love the leo-look ones. <3 Maybe  I will order
them if I have enough money left.

And here is my outfit:

I want a big mirror in my new flat. T.T
So much, then I can take much more
better outfit pictures.

I love biiig sunglases. ^^

As you see, no Gyaru make up again.
Just a little bit normal daily make up,
nothing special. I packed the most
stuff already and I wanna buy new
circle lenses and lashes first.

Oh, and finally, after years I have new glases again. XD

I´m so blind without contac lenses or glases. @.@
And I hate glases on myself, because they are
too strong and contact lenses are better for me.
I see the world how she is in real with lenses,
with glases is everything smaller then in real
and my eyes looking smaller too. -_-

But I needed new glases, so here is me with my new glases:

Neeeeeeerrrrd! XD
So, this was it for now.

I think I will not have so much time to
post again soon, even if I had lots of stuff left
I want to post, but they need more time.

But I will and want post more in the
future. I promise. ^^o
C.U. and have a great time.

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

New Outfit post

Hi! ^^

Wow, I have so many stuff to do, so I didn´t
have the time to post. I´m sorry for that.

But I wanna show you my last outfit. ^^

My Zumba Fitness post still takes a little bit
and I wanna write some reviews and
about a shop I found and like.
But first now a short outfitpost. ^^

Here are the pictures.

I really need new jeans but want to lose more
weight first because I love skinny jeans. 

No Circle Lenses and not so heavy Eye Make Up,
I have to practice more. ^^;

So, that was it for now.
I hope, I find some more time to post more
and to practice more.

C.U. and thanks for reading. ^^

Mi-Chan ^^y

Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Venice part 2 - Driving with the boat

Hi and sorry. ^^;

I wanted to post this entry more earlier
but my husband needed our PC to study for
his first sample test. In febuary he
has is final examination and need to
learn a lot. So I couldn´t post as fast as
I wanted to.

But now, finally, part 2 of our Venice trip:

Then we had finally sunshine and it was such a great day. ^^

 On the nex picture I wear my new Jacket.
The size I chosen is too big for me,
but all other smaller sizes were perfect for me
expect that they were all too small on my breasts.
And this looked stupid, so I bought the
bigger size and I can wear a thick sweater
underneath without any problem. ^^

Me at the San Marco Place

Then we made a boat trip to the Island Lido

Lido has a wonderful beach. <3 I love
the sea and missed it so much. I was so
happy to be at the beach again, even it
was too cold to go swimming. But we sit
down a little bit and relaxed.

I have to say, that I didn´t do my make up this day,
because I prefered to sleep longer and relax and
have wonderful days with my husband than be
concentrated the whole day if my make up is still looking good. XD

Then it´s getting later, we went back to the boat
and went with the boat to the island Murano.
While we are on the boat, we watched the
beautiful sunset.

After this wonderful day we went to a restaurant for dinner
and then back to our hotel, because the next day we flew home.

A picture of us in the airplain on our way home.

So, by for now.

The next posts will be more about fashion again.
I have finally lower lashes and want to try them out
this weekend. ^_~

Mi-Chan ^^y

Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Venice part 1 - Walking arround in Venice

Hello and Ciao! ^^

This is my first part of our travel to Venice.
Here some picturese we took on our first day:

Me, little bit tired and without styling, because we walked
around for hours with the luggage to find our hotel. ^^;

And here is our Hotel. No wonder we didn´t find it so easy. XD
The man who is walkng inside is my husband. ^^ <3
 We get lost so often in Venice. On the second
day we give it up to use a map because
even with a map we always got lost. XD

And the Hotel was so hidden too.
Only on the doorbell and on the floor (the mat)
stands the name of the hotel.

But the hotel was great. Here a picture of our room:

After we relaxed a little bit, we went out at
afternoon, when it was dark outside.
It was so pretty, because they still had the
christmas decoration everywhere. ^^ <3

This is the San Marco place and on that tower
they projected snowfalkes which faling down.
It was sooo pretty and romantic.

And after walking arround
we get hungry and went to a delicious restaurant. ^^

Our appetizer. In Italy are pasta like Spaghetti an appetizer.
Our main dish
 After eating we get lost and took
long to find our hotel again, like every day. XD

The next day we walked arround again
in some other areas we weren´t befor.

The Rialto Bridge

It was so foggy this day.

Me, standing on the Rialto Bridge

Our lunch. My husband had three types of pasta.
He loves pasta. ^^

And he bought the Nagatomo soccer jersey.
He loves soccer and the players of the japanese national team. ^^

 So, this was the part 1 of our Venice honeymoon.

Thanks for reading and watch out for
my part 2. Because we had a romantic boat trip
to Lido and Murano and get to the beach
and watched the pretty sunset. ^^ <3

Bye ^^y