Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Happie Nuts, my first Nailart and new Order

Hello! ^^

The last time I didn´t had anything interesting to write, but now I have some news again. XD

I work on my Outfit for the Japan Day in Düsseldorf. ^^
I decided my dress, shoes and accessory. I wanted to buy a new bag
but didn´t find a good one yet which isn´t too expensive. ><
So I will look how I can modify one of my older bags. I have some ideas... but didn´t made it yet.
I will post a picture of the whole outfit later.

Here are my first nailart. It´s not so pretty than other professional nails
but I´m proud of it. XD

Oh, and I bought the new Happie Nuts Magazine. I love the style of this magazine
and I recognize that I love LipService. But this brand is too expensive.
They sell shirts for over 6000 Yen and a bekini costs reduced 8500 Yen,
befor over 13000 Yen. >< But the stuff is so cool, I love it.
That´s why I´m happy to get a cosmetic bag by LipService. <3

And here are some more pictures from insid the magazine:

I love the Jacket on the right with the leo fur. *_* <3

And I ordered new Underwear at a Rakuten Shop. ^^
I like japanese stuff more, than the stuff I get here in my country.
I don´t find anything here what I like for 100% and sometimes its more expensive.
But in Japan it´s the fashion paradies for me. XD I hope I can get the stuff soon.
I wanna change my closet slowly from normal borring stuff,
to cool japanese gyaru fashion. XD
But not too expensive. >< I don´t care if it´s cheap, the important thing is,
that it looks good and fashionable. ^^
Thats why I love Rakuten, you can get stuff which isn´t sooo expensive.

So, now I have still some other stuff to do. I hope, I find time to post
my J-Day Outfit tomorrow or the next week.
I´m so excited! XD

SugaryChu ^^y

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

Casual summer outfit in autumn

Hi! ^^

It´s amazing! We have october and it´s getting so hot again. XD The whole summer in germany was more cold and rainy and now it´s getting autumn and the warm sun comes back. ^^

So today, I didn´t wanted to use my hairextensions.
And I decided to make some cute simple hairstyle for hot days. ^^

And here is my outfit and make up: 

The make up isn´t so "heavy" again, because it was hot
and it was just for the day, and then I don´t like it too dark.

And I use my cameras "make up function" so
you can´t see that I tried to contour my face a little bit. ^^;
It´s especially hard for me with my big nose. If I contouring it
like other Gals do, my nose looks more bigger. ><
I still have to try out other techniques to get a better result.

I wish you all a wonderful time and see you next time. ^^y

Oh, and here are a special funny picture of me. XD

Fuuuwaaaaah!!! XDD