Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Big Post

I´m so sorry, but I didn´t had so much time the last days.
But I have lots of things I can tell, so this time, it will be a bigger post than usual. XD

First I went to the circle meet up of our galcir Rokku Star.
It was so much fun to meet the nice girls and the nice guy.
I´m happy, that we are a galcir with a cool and nice punk gyaru-o
and for sure with super cute, beautiful and kind girls. ^^

Here are the puricuras we took:
I love puris and I´m happy, that we have two machines in Düsseldorf.
Old ones, but better than nothing. ^_~

More about our meeting you can find here:
First Rokku Star Meet Up

In this post you can see my Outfit, which I wore at Japan Day too.

At the moment, I found so many wonderful clothes which I wanna
buy so much, but I have to wait, because the mirror of my car get broken,
and because its a "High-Tech"-Mirror, I have to pay a lot for a new one.
So no new clothes for this month. T.T *buuhuu*

But I love my car and need the mirror so much.
Here is a picture of me and my both most wanting cars:
Ford Fiesta and Honda Jazz. I love them both and it was so hard to decide,
but I choose Ford Fiesta. And the red one you can see on the picture is really mine. ^^ <3
I´m so happy, because the car I had before always get broken. ><
It was too old and I was too afraid, that I will have an acident with that car,
because it brokes while driving at the highway and so on. ><

Oh, and I have an outfit post this time too ^^
I went with my husband to Frankfurt today,
because some shops and the Mall "My Zeil" opend
on sunday. Normally in Germany the shops are closed
on sunday and I don´t like it, because sundays are sooo borring. -_-
I would work on sunday, that it´s not so borring anymore. XD
And I would get another day off then, monday for example.
What do you think about this?
Should the shops open on sunday too like in Japan?

Oh, and yes, here are my Outfit:
Sorry, for the bad quality, I don´t have a mirror which is
big enough for a good picture. And I wore more accessory,
than in this picture, but I forgot them to wear befor I took it. ^^;

I didn´t do so much make up today. Didn´t wear circle lensen
and fake lashes, so I don´t post a make up picture, but here
you can see my hair style:
This was the first time I tryed this style out. And I´m proud that
it didn´t look bad. I didn´t cut my hair yet
but I hope I can do it as soon as possible, to get more
layers and a better look then I have now.
My unstyled hair looks so borring. XD

And I made my first christmas cookies for this year.
They called chocolate snowballs and they are sooo delicios. ^^
But sadly they melted in the ofen and are not round, as I wanted them.
But these will be not the only cookies I will make. ^^
So, thats it. Not a really big post but for me it is. XD
I wanna go swimming now with my husband.

So, see ya! ^^y


  1. Du siehst wie immer wunderhübsch aus <3

    und bitte...
    das Rezept für die Chocolate Snowballs!!!! <3<3<3

  2. Vielen Dank. ^///^

    Und hier das Rezept, ich hatte es im Internet gefunden: ^^