Montag, 2. Januar 2012

New Onee Gyaru Outfit

Aloha! ^^

Today I went with my husband to the shopping mall
and to the hairdresser. And yes, my hair don´t look better. XD
But I needed a new cut that my hair has more layers
and now it´s easier to style it.

Here is my Make Up and Outfit from today:

Only make up. ^_~

With unstyled hair

 Sorry for so many pictures, but I couldn´t decide
which one should I post. XD

My and my husbands shoes collection. ^^;
I really like Onee Gyaru, because I´m 25 years old now,
in few month 26. o.O And I´m merried in february for one year then.
So I really like the more "grown up" style.
Not so cute and pink anymore.
But sometimes  I still feel like I have to wear
something which is more cute. XD

Tomorrow I will get my new nails. Yeah! \^o^/
I´m so happy to get them finally. ^^
And then, the day after tomorrow, we will fly to
Venice. Finally we have our honeymoon. ^^ <3

 Bye, dear readers.
And thanks so much for reading. ^^y

Bonus Pic: My beloved husband in the background. <3


  1. fabulous outfit, i like it! ^^v
    have a good trip to venice, lucky you!! >w<

  2. Das Outfit gefällt mir super und passt toll zu dir! Oneegyaru ist ein toller Stil und du verkörperst ihn sehr gut :)

  3. ohh sieht voll toll aus **
    ich liebe deine Schuhe und deine Jacke mit dem Fell <3
    steht dir richig gut :3

  4. Das Outfit ist wirklich toll und die Haare sehn doch auch nicht so schlimm aus :)
    Viel Spaß in euren Honeymoons :)