Montag, 14. Mai 2012

My plans and unfashionable Otaku Tourists

Hi! ^^

I had no time the last weeks to update my blog. We moved in our new flat near Heidelberg and I had so many stuff to do. I´m still not finished with all yet. ^^;

But, I have lots of stuff to tell and write down. But this I will do, if I have more time again. I think from june then I´ll have more time to update more often.

And I wanna finally begin with my weigh loss journey. XD
I did Zumba for some weeks together with my friend but after me and my husband moved I don´t meet my friend so often anymore. And I´am a very lazy person. XD I can´t do sports alone, because I can´t motivate myself. The same with doing Yoga, alone, in front of the TV. It´s getting too borring
for me. So, I decide to do something different. Something that helped me to loose so much weight that I had only 51 kg (164 cm). I´am a chubby person and I was a chubby child, but when I did Karate when I was a teenanger (I started with 16) I had an awesome body. And I want this body back. ><

But more with pictures later.

And I want to improve my Gyaru Style.
My goal is to be a pretty and fashionable girl who can walk arround Tokyo
without thinking all the time: "Oh my god, I´m such a fashion disaster and everyone can see that I´m a no-fashion-sense-otaku-tourist." XD Not all tourists are unfashionable, don´t get me wrong. But japanese people are very fashionable and here in germany the most people, in comparison to japanese people, aren´t fashionable. Except the few girls and guys who love japanese fashion and other fashion in general too.

Here a true article in german which discribes what I mean:
Warum die Franzosen so schick sind

Typical german tourists XD
Took the picture from:

So, see you in june or maybe earlier with more posts and hopefully more improvment. XD

Mi-Chan ^^y