Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Finally new post and new outfit

Hey and sorry again! ^^;

Me and my husband are moving in our new flat
in two weeks and we are both stressed at the moment.

And I have to work a lot because one of my
co-worker gets sick. But I had a day off today. ^^

And I was shopping with my husband.

I bought new boots and I love them so much. <3
I wanted such boots so much after I saw them
at the Happy Nuts magazine and at Galsatar.

Here a picture of them:

And here a picture from Galstar.
I love the leo-look ones. <3 Maybe  I will order
them if I have enough money left.

And here is my outfit:

I want a big mirror in my new flat. T.T
So much, then I can take much more
better outfit pictures.

I love biiig sunglases. ^^

As you see, no Gyaru make up again.
Just a little bit normal daily make up,
nothing special. I packed the most
stuff already and I wanna buy new
circle lenses and lashes first.

Oh, and finally, after years I have new glases again. XD

I´m so blind without contac lenses or glases. @.@
And I hate glases on myself, because they are
too strong and contact lenses are better for me.
I see the world how she is in real with lenses,
with glases is everything smaller then in real
and my eyes looking smaller too. -_-

But I needed new glases, so here is me with my new glases:

Neeeeeeerrrrd! XD
So, this was it for now.

I think I will not have so much time to
post again soon, even if I had lots of stuff left
I want to post, but they need more time.

But I will and want post more in the
future. I promise. ^^o
C.U. and have a great time.