Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

My new Make Up ^^

What´s uuuup?! ^0^y

Today I will post my new make up.
First some pictures of all the new stuff:

This is what I bought from Artdeco. Right the small thing
in the front is new lash glue. ^^

This is for glamorous eyes...
...and this too. ^_~

And now I show you what I did with it.

I hope you like my first gyaru make up trial. ^///^

Today I bought some new clothes and Accessory too,
but I will post this the next time.
Then I will make my hair too. I hope I get my extensions soon. ><

See you.
Bonus pic! Yeah!! \^O^/

Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Whats working against pimples

Mood: bored
kg I have to loose: still 10 kg ><

Yesterday I was with my husband in the shopping mall in Weiterstadt. The name of this mall is Loop5 and I love it there. You find everything you need there. ^^ Pictures of what I bought and how I look with that make up in the next post. ^_~

So we went together to Douglas and I bought new make up from Artdeco. I wanted to try this make up out, because my skin is a mess since I was a teenager. >< I have acne and now my skin gets at some areas very dry and on the T-zone still very oily. And I get easy pimples on my neck and my decollete. And my skin pores are big. But I found something for my skin which helps me very much. And I wanna share this with you. ^^

So, first I used always Vichy Normaderm cream, but it is expensive and it helped but I still had pimples and my skin get dry easily. Especially on my cheeks. My pores get smaler but my skin doesn´t feel soft, well maintained and fresh. So I searched in the Internet for something new and found this:

This is cleansing, clarification tonic, cream and a facemask. The first 3 ones I use in the morning and before I go to bed and the mask you should use 1 or 2 times the week. After I used this my skin gets much more better. It feels fresh and soft and I don´t have acne anymore. Only some red spots and small pimples, which maybe come from my normal make up. Because I don´t have anymore pimples on my neck and decolette from the treatment with this products, but in my face I have still a little bit. So that´s why I wanted to try out new make up too. Mineral  make up from Artdeco. I still try it and I don´t know yet, if it´s good for my skin, it takes a little till I can say, if it´s good. But it feels good on my skin. 

Oh, and before I forget, here is the hompage of M.Asam:
Sadly it´s a german site only in german. But I can say, that I love this Skin Care
toiletries, and its not so expensive than Vichy for example. My skin feels so much better since I use this. If you have problems with acne and can get this stuff, then try it out. ^_~

CU in the next post. There you can see my new make up and what I tried to do with it and my face. XD


Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

First Post

Mood: tired but happy
kg I have to lose: 10 kg -_-;

Hi! ^^

This is my first SugaryChu Post. I wanna write down what happened in my life. Mostly about fashion. I love Gyaru and Lolita Fashion. First I only knew and liked Lolita, but now, when I grow older, got married and all this, I don´t feel so comfortable and pretty in Sweet Lolita as I did before. Now I´m more in Gyaru Fashion and japanese girls and young woman fashion in general. I love the style and the make up. ^^

But the last year I gain so much weigt. I had a long distance relationship which ended happily with our marriage, but in that time I felt often so lonely and ate too much. -_-; Now I try to lose it again, that the Gyaru Fashion will suit me. XD

Today I ordered Clip-In-Hair-Exensions. I had some hair extensions before which you plait in the hair. There were good, but after few weeks they looked so aweful because the hair get crumbly and didn´t looked healthy anymore. So I´m very excited to get my new extensions. ^^

That´s it for the first post. ^^ The next days more. And yes, I´m not a native english speaker, so, sorry for some typo. ^^;