Samstag, 11. August 2012

Gal? Mama? Gal Mama?


I'm writing with my mobile and will make the post better, if I can use my PC again. Sorry, for the strange place for the pictures and so on.  I finally had the time to change the post. ^^

So, I promised to post these week about some news.
I didn't post so often because I got so tired and my skin has a break out.
I have pimpels I didn't have for 10 years. Its so damn... And I didn't want
to do my makeup. But all this has a reason.
I'm expecting our first child. ^^
Me and my husband are so excited. ^___^

And I'm so curious how it will look like, because it will be
an eurasien child. I will post one picture from that cute
little human but then I will write about Gyaru related stuff for sure too.

On the babypicture you cant see it so well, because it was constantly moving. :-D In the picture below you only can see the little hand making a fist.

Our little Baby. ^^

And we travel around Germany for few days. The first stop is Düsseldorf. We ate Ramen and walked arround the city. And we meet my friends Lena, Aiji and Shinpei. I write with my mobile now, so if I can use my PC again, I want to post the links to their blogs. They looked so cute and pretty. And totally more Gyaru than me now. I post a picture from my Outfit I wore this day.

Oh, and my husband said, that we Gaijin Gyarus often wear to many makeup. And as he saw a normal, styled, sexy girl, he said she is a Gyaru. XD So, normaly I dont't like to tell this, but my husband is japanese and lived in Tokyo. And he likes Gyarus too and fashionable girls. I just find it very intersting. Are we Gaijin Gyarus take some stuff too serious? Everyone should wear as many makeup as she likes, but I think we should stop bitching about every single little "mistake". We just should have fun with the fashion we love. ;-)

So, I will go to bed now. Tumorrow we will drive to Bremen.

C.U. and thanks for reading. ^^


  1. OH WOW!!!
    Das sind ja Neuigkeiten!!!!
    Ich war bei meinen zwei Zwergen auch so unendlich gespannt wie sie aussehen werden. Mehr nach mir, oder doch mehr japanisch?
    Ich wünsche dir eine wunderschöne Schwangerschaft. Genieße die wunderbare Zeit. Es ist so schnell wieder vorbei. :3

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem ersten Kind, ich hoffe, es geht alles gut für dich und du kannst die Zeit genießen :D
    Dein Outfit gefällt mir übrigens auch super, du siehst toll darin aus!

  3. herzlichen glückwunsch :D
    das sind ja super neuigkeiten :)
    liebe grüße~