Freitag, 31. August 2012

Pa Gal / Part Gal

Hello! ^^

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. :-)
The "Gal Mama" Post has the status "work in progress" right now,
because I have some problems with uploading it
because of one of the pictures.
I never post with my mobile again. Arrgh! -_-;
Oh, and I will comment back, it´s just, I´m so busy,
because we want to move again and because of other stuff
that happend lately.

So, I found this article:

I think it´s very interesting and I heard now the
first time about "Pa Gals" or "Part Gals".
And now I have a word for me and my style, I think. XD

I´m not that super gyaru who wears the whole
outfit and make up every day. I just like to
take some parts of the gyaru fashion and use 
it for me but still love the full gyaru look on other girls.
And I would say about myself, that
I´m a "Half-Gyaru" or correctly "Pa Gal."

I really love Gyaru, but I don´t like the heavy make up on myself.
So this "style" is perfect for me. ^^
Oh, and nobody can say: "Yor are not Gyaruuu!"
Because I´m Pa Gal. XD I don´t have to be
looking 100% Gyaru. ^_~ (This sounds lazy. XD)

Oh, and my normal pants don´t suit me anymore. T_T
But the great thing about it is, that our Baby is growing
because I have a littel Babybelly now. ^^
That makes it hard to look for gal outfits.
But I have some in my head. ^_~

So, stay as you are, do your style and thanks for reading.

Mi-Chan ^^y

Samstag, 11. August 2012

Gal? Mama? Gal Mama?


I'm writing with my mobile and will make the post better, if I can use my PC again. Sorry, for the strange place for the pictures and so on.  I finally had the time to change the post. ^^

So, I promised to post these week about some news.
I didn't post so often because I got so tired and my skin has a break out.
I have pimpels I didn't have for 10 years. Its so damn... And I didn't want
to do my makeup. But all this has a reason.
I'm expecting our first child. ^^
Me and my husband are so excited. ^___^

And I'm so curious how it will look like, because it will be
an eurasien child. I will post one picture from that cute
little human but then I will write about Gyaru related stuff for sure too.

On the babypicture you cant see it so well, because it was constantly moving. :-D In the picture below you only can see the little hand making a fist.

Our little Baby. ^^

And we travel around Germany for few days. The first stop is Düsseldorf. We ate Ramen and walked arround the city. And we meet my friends Lena, Aiji and Shinpei. I write with my mobile now, so if I can use my PC again, I want to post the links to their blogs. They looked so cute and pretty. And totally more Gyaru than me now. I post a picture from my Outfit I wore this day.

Oh, and my husband said, that we Gaijin Gyarus often wear to many makeup. And as he saw a normal, styled, sexy girl, he said she is a Gyaru. XD So, normaly I dont't like to tell this, but my husband is japanese and lived in Tokyo. And he likes Gyarus too and fashionable girls. I just find it very intersting. Are we Gaijin Gyarus take some stuff too serious? Everyone should wear as many makeup as she likes, but I think we should stop bitching about every single little "mistake". We just should have fun with the fashion we love. ;-)

So, I will go to bed now. Tumorrow we will drive to Bremen.

C.U. and thanks for reading. ^^

Freitag, 3. August 2012

Just short


Sorry, that I didn´t commented back so fast and that I didn´t
write anything the last weeks. I wanted
to post a new make up post and something
but I didn´t had the energy to do my make up. ^^;

It has a reason and I want to write about that next week.
Because I told you, I have time now, what is true, but
something wonderful happened and because
of that, I didn´t hab the time as I thought.

But I commented back now and I will write
a big post with picture next week.
Sorry, it isn´t so sure yet, that I can´t say it now,
but you will see it next week.

I promise. ^^


Not my pets, but I think they are so cute. ^^