Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

New lenses, lashes and more from Honey Color

Hi, my dear readers!

My package from Honey Color arrived.
I was so happy. ^^

Here is the stuff I ordered:

Lashes, two pairs of circle lenses, Rohto Lycée Eyedrops
and some lense cases and a lens travel case.
(the travel case and two cases are gifts, thank you Honey Color. ^^)
The shipping was very fast and for free, because I ordered
stuff over 100,- $.

I didn´t tried the lashes yet, because I can´t waer them
at my work and didn´t had enough freetime
to dress up the last days.
But I hope that I can dress up this weekend
and then I can show you pictures of my
Gyaru make up practice again. XD

But I tried out the circle lenses:

Geo  Bambi Chocolate (Princess Mimi) DIA 15

Geo Bambi Sesame Gray (Princess Mimi) DIA 15

And here how it looks like,
if I waer them:

Sorry, that I didn´t do the make up.

But I will take more pictures
with the lenses and with make up. ^^

And I do love the Lycée Eyedrops.
It´s very refreshing and helps, when
my eyes get dry.

Oh, and I got my first smartphone,
a Sony Xperia S.
I love this phone so much. <3
And I have to say, that the most electronic stuff
me and my husband bought and buy are from
japanese brands. I like japanese mobiles and electronics more,
I can´t say why. XD

And I ordered a cover for it.
Leoprint for sure: ^_~

So, see you next time and thanks for reading. ^^


Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

Bought new clothes and ate Ramen with my Husband

Hi! ^^

Since june my husband gets a job again and I can buy
new stuff for me without feeling bad. ^^
Because I think it´s unfair to buy clothes and so on
for myself and my husband has nothing.
But now I can go shoping again. XD

I bought new clothes first.
Here are the pictures:

I want to wear this Outfit with this cardigan I ordered
from Galstar. But I didn´t receive it yet.

Overkneesocks with cute ribbons and a shirt with a cute ribbon too.
On the right sight you see my new contact lenses leo box.
I love this box. ^^ I found it at Accessoirize, I think.
And here is another outfit:

No make up post yet, because my only pair circle lenses
is broke and I lost most of my lashes when we moved
in our new flat. -_-;
But I ordered two new pair of lenses and lashes
from the Honey Colour Online shop. ^^
I can´t wait to receive the lenses and lashes.
Then I will practice more Gyaru Make Up again
and will show the results here for sure.

Oh, and I went with my husband to Frankfurt
to eat japanese Ramen and Gyoza.
It was sooo delicious. I do love Ramen and Gyoza so much. ^^ <3

And I do Karate again. I love Karate and
it helps me to lose weight and to shape my body.
Zumba is very good too, but I don´t have the money
for the fitness center and alone it doesn´t work.
I´m to lazy. XD

But Karate work very well for me.
Maybe I post some workouts. ^_~

So, see you soon and thanks for reading.