Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Finally new post and new outfit

Hey and sorry again! ^^;

Me and my husband are moving in our new flat
in two weeks and we are both stressed at the moment.

And I have to work a lot because one of my
co-worker gets sick. But I had a day off today. ^^

And I was shopping with my husband.

I bought new boots and I love them so much. <3
I wanted such boots so much after I saw them
at the Happy Nuts magazine and at Galsatar.

Here a picture of them:

And here a picture from Galstar.
I love the leo-look ones. <3 Maybe  I will order
them if I have enough money left.

And here is my outfit:

I want a big mirror in my new flat. T.T
So much, then I can take much more
better outfit pictures.

I love biiig sunglases. ^^

As you see, no Gyaru make up again.
Just a little bit normal daily make up,
nothing special. I packed the most
stuff already and I wanna buy new
circle lenses and lashes first.

Oh, and finally, after years I have new glases again. XD

I´m so blind without contac lenses or glases. @.@
And I hate glases on myself, because they are
too strong and contact lenses are better for me.
I see the world how she is in real with lenses,
with glases is everything smaller then in real
and my eyes looking smaller too. -_-

But I needed new glases, so here is me with my new glases:

Neeeeeeerrrrd! XD
So, this was it for now.

I think I will not have so much time to
post again soon, even if I had lots of stuff left
I want to post, but they need more time.

But I will and want post more in the
future. I promise. ^^o
C.U. and have a great time.


  1. WOAH *_* Die Schuhen sind soo schööön<3


  2. thanks for your comment on my last post! if you want, have time please check out my neeeeew post! i would be so so haaaaaaappy☆

    danke für den lieben kommentar!
    ach wie süß, also hast du auch einen japanischen "freund" (also eig ja mann XD)
    danke, dass du das sagst, das gibt mir kraft (;_;) im moment ist es echt ganz schlimm weil ich keine zeit hab ihn zu besuuchen wegen meinem abi (T T)
    also wohnt ihr beide zusammen hier in deutschland?
    wie schön! ich wünsch euch dass ihr bald mal zeit zum planen habt^^

    ok! dann werd ich es auch mit der volkshochschule machen^^ danke für die tipps <3
    ja aber ich kann dich verstehen, für mich ist es schon schwer hiragana und katakana zu können (lerne ich die nich regelmäßig, dann vergess ich die ;_;)