Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

New Outfit post

Hi! ^^

Wow, I have so many stuff to do, so I didn´t
have the time to post. I´m sorry for that.

But I wanna show you my last outfit. ^^

My Zumba Fitness post still takes a little bit
and I wanna write some reviews and
about a shop I found and like.
But first now a short outfitpost. ^^

Here are the pictures.

I really need new jeans but want to lose more
weight first because I love skinny jeans. 

No Circle Lenses and not so heavy Eye Make Up,
I have to practice more. ^^;

So, that was it for now.
I hope, I find some more time to post more
and to practice more.

C.U. and thanks for reading. ^^

Mi-Chan ^^y

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  1. ohh °.°
    das sieht voll cool aus
    dein Oberteil ist mega genial **