Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Venice part 2 - Driving with the boat

Hi and sorry. ^^;

I wanted to post this entry more earlier
but my husband needed our PC to study for
his first sample test. In febuary he
has is final examination and need to
learn a lot. So I couldn´t post as fast as
I wanted to.

But now, finally, part 2 of our Venice trip:

Then we had finally sunshine and it was such a great day. ^^

 On the nex picture I wear my new Jacket.
The size I chosen is too big for me,
but all other smaller sizes were perfect for me
expect that they were all too small on my breasts.
And this looked stupid, so I bought the
bigger size and I can wear a thick sweater
underneath without any problem. ^^

Me at the San Marco Place

Then we made a boat trip to the Island Lido

Lido has a wonderful beach. <3 I love
the sea and missed it so much. I was so
happy to be at the beach again, even it
was too cold to go swimming. But we sit
down a little bit and relaxed.

I have to say, that I didn´t do my make up this day,
because I prefered to sleep longer and relax and
have wonderful days with my husband than be
concentrated the whole day if my make up is still looking good. XD

Then it´s getting later, we went back to the boat
and went with the boat to the island Murano.
While we are on the boat, we watched the
beautiful sunset.

After this wonderful day we went to a restaurant for dinner
and then back to our hotel, because the next day we flew home.

A picture of us in the airplain on our way home.

So, by for now.

The next posts will be more about fashion again.
I have finally lower lashes and want to try them out
this weekend. ^_~

Mi-Chan ^^y


  1. first of all, Im so thankful for your comment on my last post!! I was so happy :-) And I'm sorry for the late comment-back (_ _);

    danke für deinen kommentar :)

    jaaaaa das ist echt schlimm... warst du auch vorher längere zeit von deinem mann getrennt:o?
    woher kommt er denn eigentlich, wenn ich fragen darf :)?
    es war so schön ihn zu sehen aber jetzt vermisse ich ihn schon wieder so sehr (;_;)
    nach meinem abi kann ich aber denke ich wieder hin:)
    ach, ich würd mich für dich freuen wenns klappt! aber die bilder von eurem urlaub jetzt sehen auch sehr toll aus <3 jetzt will ich da auch mal mit yusuke hin XD

    danke für die komplimente, ich mag deinen stil auch sehr gerne :-) steht dir sehr gut <3

    wenn du magst kanst du dir ja meien neuen japa post ansehen :) würde mich sehr freuen! <3

  2. Deine Bilder von Venedig sind traumhaft schön! *___*

  3. ahh venedig <3
    ich liebe venedig.
    und deine bilder sind toll geworden.
    btw gibt es immer noch so viele tauben da?

  4. WOW!!
    Really, really nice pictures!

  5. Tolle Bilder.
    Ich war noch nie in Venedig. Muss ich wohl unbedingt bald nachholen... ^^
    Achja und ich mag deinen Blog :D