Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Venice part 1 - Walking arround in Venice

Hello and Ciao! ^^

This is my first part of our travel to Venice.
Here some picturese we took on our first day:

Me, little bit tired and without styling, because we walked
around for hours with the luggage to find our hotel. ^^;

And here is our Hotel. No wonder we didn´t find it so easy. XD
The man who is walkng inside is my husband. ^^ <3
 We get lost so often in Venice. On the second
day we give it up to use a map because
even with a map we always got lost. XD

And the Hotel was so hidden too.
Only on the doorbell and on the floor (the mat)
stands the name of the hotel.

But the hotel was great. Here a picture of our room:

After we relaxed a little bit, we went out at
afternoon, when it was dark outside.
It was so pretty, because they still had the
christmas decoration everywhere. ^^ <3

This is the San Marco place and on that tower
they projected snowfalkes which faling down.
It was sooo pretty and romantic.

And after walking arround
we get hungry and went to a delicious restaurant. ^^

Our appetizer. In Italy are pasta like Spaghetti an appetizer.
Our main dish
 After eating we get lost and took
long to find our hotel again, like every day. XD

The next day we walked arround again
in some other areas we weren´t befor.

The Rialto Bridge

It was so foggy this day.

Me, standing on the Rialto Bridge

Our lunch. My husband had three types of pasta.
He loves pasta. ^^

And he bought the Nagatomo soccer jersey.
He loves soccer and the players of the japanese national team. ^^

 So, this was the part 1 of our Venice honeymoon.

Thanks for reading and watch out for
my part 2. Because we had a romantic boat trip
to Lido and Murano and get to the beach
and watched the pretty sunset. ^^ <3

Bye ^^y


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