Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

My thoughts about my hair

Happy new year everyone! ^^

I wish that it will be an awesome year 2012 for everyone.

What I wanna talk about now is my hair.
I hate my hair! >< It´s thick and have volume and so on,
so not bad at all, you think maybe. But me
and my husband we both love straight, healthy and shiny hair.
Badly we both don´t have it. XD

And yes, Gyarus have more curled hair
and curles look good in my hair, but
I always wanted very straight hair too.
I really do love japanese straight hair so
I like Gyarus with straight pretty hair very much too. ^^

My hair don´t look like an Afro but
sometimes I think it feels like so. XD
Especially if the air is humid then my hair gets so frizzy.
My hair on the top not so much but the lower hair
and it alwas looks frizzy and not healthy.
Also my ends get very dry and looking aweful.

I have an hair iron, but don´t using it, because
it don´t works, my hair isn´t geting streight with it.
(It´s a cheapier no name iron.) ^^;

In Japan you can get permanent straight hair,
till it grows out for sure. A friend did it and
she had very curly hair. She was so happy about
her pretty straight hair she got. But it was expensive
and in germany, my country, its much more expensive.
For my long hair I think between 250 till 350 Euro. o.O
But if I´m back in Japan again, I wanna try this out. ^^

I love japanese hairdressers. In my country
I didn´t find a good hairdresser yet. My hair always
looked frizzy if a german hairdresser styled it. T-T But when I went to a
hair dresser in Japan, I had the prettiest hair ever.
What is this?  I have 100% european hair. XD

Sorry for the long text, now I show pictures. ^^

I bought this now:

Hair Dryer
Hair Iron

Home Stylist Kit with Shampoo, Treatment and so on

Change frizzy hair into straight and silky hair

So, I wanna try out this stuff.
It´s nothing from Japan, because shipping is expensive
and for these products I didn´t pay shipping. ^^

I will make a review about this stuff, after I get it
and tried it out. I hope it works and my
hair looks healthier and gets more straight.

Oh, and I get my coffe machine and I love it. ^^ <3

More about this and more pictures again the next time.

C.U. and stay happy.
Mi-Chan ^^y

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