Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

This weekend I had a cold and I was lazy ;-P

Hello! ^^

This time I have no Outfit to post because I wasn´t in the mood for
doing all the make up and so on. I had a cold and even with
make up, I think, I looked more scary than pretty. XD

But I wanted to try to post every week so I thought
about what I can write here.

And I thought I´ll post some older pictures of me.
I love Lolita too, but I feel more growing too old for
the extrem cute Sweet Lolita stuff and I didn´t have
Classic Lolita outfits yet and for the daily outfits I love
to experiment with Gyaru fashion. I love this fashion
and practice to find my own style. ^^

So, I decided to post some pics of me and some other Outfits
which have nothing to do with Gyaru.

First Lolita:

And here are a picture of me and my friends.
We traveled together arround in Japan and
Mizuki, the girl on the left side, showed us a place
in Kyôto where we could rent Kimonos for one day.
There was a festival this time, so we weren´t the only persons with Kimonos.
I´m looking so tall in this picture, but I´m 1,64 m. XD
I love Kimonos, even I wasn´t sure if it would suit me.
But lot´s of people took pictures with us on this day.
It was a great expirience. ^^
So if you travel to Japan, you have to try this out too.

And here I tryed on a german Dirndl. XD
I want one so much, but I wouldn´t wear it, I think.

Oh, and I love to watch japanese TV Shows with my husband.
Sadly I don´t understand everything, but if I understand some stuff,
I´m so proud of myself. XD But this is mostly very easy stuff,
everyone can understand, if she/he knows the basics of the japanese language.
I´m so bad to learn different languages. Even english is hard for me.
And I forget words in my own native language too. XD

But I wanted to talk about japanese TV Shows.
Not Dorama, don´t get me wrong. I like Doramas too,
but I prefer the TV Shows. XD

If I find the Show, in which female TV Stars and Models
made a fashion contest, I will post this too.
But I forget the name of this show and have to ask my husband. ^^;

In this video, you see Suzanne. She is a japanese
TV Star and Model and I like her. ^^ My husband said
that I look like her. But I don´t think so. XD
I like her style, her nails and how she acts.
But I have still a looong way to go till I look a little bit
as good as she do. Very long way...

So, before it gets too long, I say bye here. ^^

And as a bonus, here a japanese commercial with Suzanne.
Because I love japanese commercials too.  I´m crazy. XDD

See you! ^^y

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