Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

A short TV Show post

Hi gals! ^^

Because I can´t make an outfit post yet
and I think, this show is so funny I want to
share this video with you.
I know, I wanted to post a fashion contest video
but I didn´t find it yet and this video is so funny, I laughed so much. XD

It´s kind of a game show.
There are 3 groups:

1. Group: Women with caracteristic faces
and style, not the cute model girls, but I think still sweet.

2. Group: Women but born as men and changed or
want to change into women (transgender).

3. Men who are men, but styled as women.

And foreign guys should choose, which group
has the prettier women and they don´t know that there are men too.

It´s so funny, even you don´t understand so much japanese.
Here you find it (sorry, only link, because
it isn´t a video from Youtube):

视频: ロンドンハーツ - 11.12.06「見た目ビューティーカップ」

If you are interested you should watch it, it´s very funny. XD

Bye, and next time I will write about my new nails.
I want new nails and hope I get them soon. ^^

SugaryChu ^^y


  1. im a new follower of your blog^^
    cute blog!

  2. That was so funny XD Thank you for posting it!

  3. Hello!!
    Your Japanese fashion style is sooooooo cute !!