Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

My husbands birthday ^^

Hello everyone! ^^y

Today is my husbands birthday.
So we celebrate this together.
First we went to the night club Rude7 on saturday.
They had live acts (J Boog was on stage this day) and DJs who playing
Dancehall and Reggea. My honey loves Dancehall music
so this was perfect for him to celebrate into his birthday.
We had lot´s of fun. XD

In the morning I finished the birthday cake,
which I baked the day before.
My beloved likes strawberrys and loves cream,
so a japanese christmas cake was perfect. ^^
But it was hard to find strawberrys here, because
in winter the super markets don´t get them so easy.

Here is the picture of his birthday cake I made:

It´s so delicious. ^^ <3
I´m so proud of myself. XD

Here is the recipe, if you are interested
to bake this cake too. It´s by cookingwithdog
from youtube. I love her channel and cooked
some stuff like her and it´s always sooo delicious. ^__^ <3

My other present for him was a new coat from Japan.
It suits him so well, he looks so カッコイイ (cool) in it. ^///^
But sorry, I don´t have a picture yet.
After we have eaten some cake we relaxed more,
because we were still so tired from clubbing. XD

But before it was to borring and because we get hungry we went to the
japanese Izakaya Restaurant Mangetsu in Frankfurt.
My husband could order what he wanted and
we shared then everything. We ate a lot.
It was sooo delicious (today everything was delicious XD).
Sadly, I didn´t took pictures of our food too, because
I forget to take photos. I foget that very easy, I´m sorry. ^^;

But here is my outfit from today:

I love this sweater ;-P

That was it from today.
Have a nice time and thanks for reading. ^^y

Bye, Mi-Chan

Bonus: Advent, Advent ein Lichtlein brennt.
Erst eins, dann zwei...


  1. Sorry ich antworte mal flott in deutsch :D

    Mal wieder typisch! Japaner und Kuchen zu Weihnachten. Es ist ja doch immer irgendwie strange... Erdbeeren ist bei denen ja sowas wie 'Winterobst' xD; Aber schön, dass du alles so super hinbekommen hast. Sieht wirklich sehr japanisch aus :3

    Tolles Outfit btw! Sehr süß

  2. Danke schön! ^^

    Ich finde Erdbeertorte an Weihnachten auch etwas komisch und es war echt schwer Erdbeeren zu finden. Ich hab zum Glück das letzte Päckchen ergattern können. XD Als Geburtstagstorte ist es aber super und er hatte sich sehr darüber gefreut. Ich bleib aber an Weihnachten dann doch lieber bei Schoki-Dominosteinen, Plätzchen und Mandarinen. XD