Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Finally new outfit again

Hi and sorry that I didn´t post so much the last time. ^^;

I hope you all had great christmas days
and looots of wonderful presents. <3
I was very busy, lot´s of work and me and my husband
surched a new flat and so on.
But we found now one in Eppelheim (near Heidelberg).
I´m so happy about this. ^^
And from next week on I have holidays for two weeks. Yeah! ^___^

For some days we´ve planed a trip to Venice. ^^
We will stay in a pretty hotel to relax a little bit.
Me and my husband, we were so stressed the last time,
that we really need some days for only relaxing and think about other stuff.
This is the hotel we´ll stay:

This are pictures from the webside,
but I will take pictures of myself then too. 

But I wanted to post about japanese fashion, so here are pictures
of one of my latest outfits ^_~ :

The top and the west I bought in Japan  2 years ago.
I wanna go to Japan again so much to buy new stuff. ><
Especially lower lashes. I really need some but
didn´t ordered some yet. Because I know, that they
aren´t so expensive like in the online shps and the
shipping is expensive too... I should stop whining and just buy some. XD

Here is my make up:

And I didn´t really do something with my hair again. ^^;
But I will take care about my hair too again.

And here I tried a photo trick. The face should look thinner and prettier
and I think it works. ^^ But yeah, my hair. XD

And I finally ordered my coffee machine
but the package didn´t arrived yet. T-T

But I get a package from Japan with a cute christmas card
and lots of sweets. I love japanese sweets but now
it will take more longer too reach my dream weight.
I´m adicted to sweets. ^^;

I have so many more to post, but I will split this all
in more posts, not in only one really big one.

So, more later.
Bye, and c.u. ^^y


  1. Wow, das Hotel in dem ihr in Venedig wohnen werdet sieht absolut fantastisch aus! Hoffentlich könnt ihr dort einigermaßen entspannen :)