Sonntag, 7. August 2011

I´m back again after my wedding

Weight to loose: still 8 kilos. ><
But I´m still working on it and go swimming again. ^^


So, finally I have enough time again to post a new blog entry. ^^
I had my wedding party in july and I was very busy, because of the organisation and all that.
And after the wedding we showed my husbands family arround in my country,
because they come from overseas.

Now I have time again to post and here I have my outfit and make up for today.
I wanna go with my husband to a "fish festival". Sounds funny, but its great. It´s directly on the river called Rhein and there are carousels and a hounted house, so like an amusement park. ^^ And lots stuff to eat. Fish for sure XD and sausages (german Bratwurst) and sweets. ^^
And in the evening there will be a firework on the river.

Here are my outfit:

My mirror is dirty. >< But sorry, I was too lazy to clean it up before.
Simple outfit which I bought on

And here is my make up and hair. I really have to practice more. ><

And here my nail art. I had to cut my nails and I don´t like fakenails for myself.
But I love to see them on other gals. ^^b

So, I´m still practicing and it doesn´t look as I wanted it. XD But I think, not bad too.

Ah, and the clothes from galstar I weare here are the clothes my husband brought to me. ^^

cu and have a nice fashionable day, pretty gyarus. ^^y

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