Montag, 6. Juni 2011

I got my hair extensions and I´m lovin´ it! XD

Mood: lonely :_:
kg I have to lose: 8 kg (yeah, I lost 2 kilos)
These days I´m feeling so lonely, because my husband is for 2 weeks away from me.
He visit his family and friends and this it totaly important, but it´s hard for me, that he isn´t around me,
even it´s just 2 weeks. So I´m not always in the mood to do all the make up and so on.
But I have one outfit and my new extensions to show. ^^

My Outfit. It´s more cute and casual. And I know, I have to lose some more weight. ^^;

Here my hair extensions. I love them so much. <3
The extensions have so good quality and I´m so happy,
that they have my haircolor.
Because I don´t wanna dye my hair again.
I dyed them often when I was younger,
and distroyed them with that.
Especially after I dyed them platinum blonde.
That was a bad idea. ><

Oh, and I´m not pregnant on the last pic. XD
It just look like that because my top is very poofy
and I have still some pounds to much. ^^;

Next week will come my husband home. ^__^
I´m so curios, because he wanted to bring some clothes and other stuff for me.
Sure, I´ll pay it. ^_~ But I´m so happy, that he do this for me. <3
So, I think the next time I will post about the stuff he´ll bring to me.

See you soon and thanks for reading. ^^y


Bonus pic. ^^ Yahoooo!! XDD

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  1. No one would think you were pregnant in that picture so don't worry. :) We can tell it's just a flowy top. It looks super cute too, by the way!