Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

First Post

Mood: tired but happy
kg I have to lose: 10 kg -_-;

Hi! ^^

This is my first SugaryChu Post. I wanna write down what happened in my life. Mostly about fashion. I love Gyaru and Lolita Fashion. First I only knew and liked Lolita, but now, when I grow older, got married and all this, I don´t feel so comfortable and pretty in Sweet Lolita as I did before. Now I´m more in Gyaru Fashion and japanese girls and young woman fashion in general. I love the style and the make up. ^^

But the last year I gain so much weigt. I had a long distance relationship which ended happily with our marriage, but in that time I felt often so lonely and ate too much. -_-; Now I try to lose it again, that the Gyaru Fashion will suit me. XD

Today I ordered Clip-In-Hair-Exensions. I had some hair extensions before which you plait in the hair. There were good, but after few weeks they looked so aweful because the hair get crumbly and didn´t looked healthy anymore. So I´m very excited to get my new extensions. ^^

That´s it for the first post. ^^ The next days more. And yes, I´m not a native english speaker, so, sorry for some typo. ^^;


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